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FOR projects with changes DO

Execute nested ops for each project that have Changesets.

Following project variables are included into stash:

  • Project - Project name.
  • Project_mid - Project mid.
  • Project_lc - Project name in lower case.
  • Project_uc - Project name in upper case.
  • < project variables > - For the specified environment.

This op does not require any additional configuration.

Admin Project Variables

These are variables created by the administrator under the Resource area => Projects => Variables.

They will be loaded into the stash and be available in several different formats including:


In Code areas as:


Or under drop-down resource combos.

Custom Project Variables

This op will also load end-user-defined variables onto the rule variable stash.

These are the variables defined under the Project area => Deploy => Variables.

User-defined variables can only have string, number or secret (ie. passwords) formats.

These variables will be loaded into the stash and can be read during rule execution in the following format:


Or in Code areas as:


These variables are not available under drop-down resource combos or other special variable input areas, but they can be copied around using ops such as SET variable.