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Slack Notifications

With this new functionality, project managers can create their own connections to be notified in Slack of some events that happens in Clarive within the project.

Where to create them

These notifications have to be created from project settings, in the Notifications tab.

Create a new notification

You will be able to create a new notification in a simple way indicating the name of connection, for example, 'messages related to topics', and paste the URL of the webhook that Slack facilitates after creating a custom webhook.

In the next step, you can select which events you want Clarive to notify you or your team of. Of course, you can select multiple events in the same connection, for example, send notification message when a topic is created and also, when a deployment starts. The following events are now availables

  • Topic created: Send a notification each time a user creates a topic in the project.
  • Topic change status: Send a notification each time a topic change the status.
  • New job: Notifies each time a user deploys a job in the project.
  • Job finished successfully: Notifies in Slack when a job is successfully completed.
  • Job failed: Notifies the user in Slack when a job finished with errors.
  • Job requires an action: Sends a message when a user action is needed in order to continue with the deployment. These actions may be caused because an error has been captured (job trapped), because user or role approval is required, or because the job has been paused.

Check connection with Slack

Once the connection is created, we can test it using the Test option within the options of the connection created. If the connection is correct, Clarive will show the message: Test completed successfully.

If the test fails, the message The test has failed is displayed. Check that the webhook URL is correct.

Other actions

From the Notifications panel, we can activate, edit or delete any of the created connections.

Required permissions to configure Slack Notifications

  • Permissions to access to the project configuration.
  • No additional permission is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The test is correct but I haven't received the notification

Check that you have the event daemon (service.event.daemon) running from the Daemons panel in Clarive Administration. If stopped, once you started it, all pending notifications will be sent.

  • Can I change the template of the message I receive in Slack?

We are working to implement this functionality so project administrators can customize the messages.

  • I want to be notified of other events that are not included.

Not yet but we are working on it. However, if you have access to the rule designer, you can configure an event rule and select any of the available events.