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Clarive 7.6 Release Notes

Release date: 7 April 2020

We're pleased to present our new major release Clarive 7.6 with plenty of new functionalities and fixes:

Branching model

We have replicated the standard feature of the prepackaged model ClariveSE in the core product for automate the branch creation and continuous integration on any project. You can configure the behaviour in the Branching tab of the project settings panel

Category grid columns

In the topic category grids now it's possible to select custom columns by configuration. Configure it in the Categories administration panel

Job log autorefresh pause button

Since version 7.2 autorefresh is automatic in most of the topic and job panels. In the job log we have added the "Pause" button to stop autorefresh and allow the user to review the details without the panel "jumping" to the end on every update

Projects in Admin area

Now you can access the project setting from the admin area

More improvements and issues resolved

  • [ENH] Always show the number of topics in topic list
  • [ENH] Resources list should be All by default
  • [ENH] Filter variables by name
  • [ENH] Perl to JS guide docs
  • [ENH] Don't allow server to start on Mongo version < 3.2
  • [ENH] List config files to user on cla usage
  • [ENH] Show total volume in about
  • [ENH] Add environment scope to all job events/notifications
  • [ENH] Remove JS Client from REPL
  • [ENH] cla info command to report on db status, migration level, etc
  • [ENH] Update end to end cypress tests
  • [ENH] Enhance speed with cache for topic view controller
  • [ENH] Clear cache with every new version
  • [ENH] cla db-fix command to fix db errors
  • [ENH] cla repl command
  • [ENH] Custom log for script execution rule operations
  • [ENH] Do not repeat trapped log message
  • [ENH] Put avatar in job monitor and dashboard
  • [ENH] Add paging to the resource Dependencies tab
  • [ENH] Add pipeline and environment for continuous integration into branching model
  • [ENH] Click on admin icon takes user to admin dashboard
  • [ENH] Open topics should show all open status topics
  • [ENH] Show only last version of file in upload files fields
  • [ENH] Audit fix and upgrade NPM packages
  • [ENH] Clicking on topic Open, Close, All refreshes tab
  • [ENH] Webpack code spliting
  • [ENH] Bidimensional query dashlet
  • [ENH] Project group field in project CI
  • [ENH] Prevent server from running as root
  • [ENH] cypress test setup
  • [ENH] Minor update on cypress tests
  • [ENH] Nightly build daemon configuration
  • [ENH] Encrypt passwords in config
  • [ENH] No empty cache version when no-cache
  • [ENG] Topic CSV export from grid

  • [FIX] User error when dashboard rule removed

  • [FIX] Role list is briefly showing no results page
  • [FIX] Changing topic project does not refresh release field
  • [FIX] Rulebook fails with hash error when format is not YAML
  • [FIX] Wrong hook id in rulebook form fields
  • [FIX] Remove unused event.file.create
  • [FIX] Resource method invoke service form not working
  • [FIX] Add/Remove attached files in topic data collection
  • [FIX] config.job.daemon.iterations is not in the registry
  • [FIX] Open monitor from job dashboard uses slow query
  • [FIX] Create variable enabled when no variables
  • [FIX] Environments administration panel is not showing anything
  • [FIX] IE11 clarive 7.x issues
  • [FIX] Environment value is not shown when editing a Calendar
  • [FIX] Endless loading when 404 project not found
  • [FIX] Cannot create new topics on IE11
  • [FIX] Variable filter by project shows empty page
  • [FIX] Cannot import cis (yaml)
  • [FIX] Project id is missing in topic list fieldlet
  • [FIX] Post online/offline Topic_Modify Event rule with update_topic operation locks/loops
  • [FIX] Cannot attach files to topic in Firefox
  • [FIX] No dashboards can be modified/assigned to roles
  • [FIX] System messages is not working
  • [FIX] Fix sort of columns in bidimensional query dashlet
  • [FIX] New projects don't have correct default branch
  • [FIX] The action admin.roles_granted should show user roles instead of CI roles
  • [FIX] System messages palette operation doesn't load more & users in config panel
  • [FIX] Files do get attached even when forcing pre-online event to fail.
  • [FIX] Prevent to click on "SAVE" options when data is being loading at admin/config options like "users" & loading icon
  • [FIX] Cookie name at config file is ignored by pubsub
  • [FIX] Nightly build not including In Progress releases
  • [FIX] Root user detection fails on VZ containers
  • [FIX] i18n test does not pass because of missing translation
  • [FIX] Cannot use SUB palette operation
  • [FIX] Status "Bind to Releases" check shows deployment list options even when checked
  • [FIX] Extjs search boxes rendering issue
  • [FIX] Error merged_variables method on package Empty when opening topic
  • [FIX] Reschedule nightly build if no updates
  • [FIX] Modified default values for nightly build
  • [FIX] User combo has huge items

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