The Monitor shows the list of Jobs that have been created, together with their Status. You can change how the names appear in Monitor by modifying the variable config.job.mask Config Job Mask.

The following action buttons are available above the Jobs list:

HTML - Shows the log of the Job selected in HTML format.

Project - Filters the Jobs by Project.

Environment - Filters the Jobs by Environment.

Nature - Filters the Jobs by Nature.

Status - Filters the Jobs by Status.

Type - Filters the Jobs by type.

New - Creates a new Job.

Full log - Shows the log of the selected Job.

Delete - Deletes the selected Job.

Rollback - Run the Rollback.

Rerun - Start the Job again from the Step specified by the User.

Reschedule - Modify the schedule of the Job. This action is only available when the Status of the Job is Ready or Waiting for Approval.