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Clarive 7.2.8 Release Notes

Release date: 19 October 2018

We're pleased to present our new release Clarive 7.2.8 with these new functionalities:

READER repository permissions

The READER role in ClariveSE OOTB model now has permissions to read repositories of the projects assigned

The style an UX of the dropdown objects have been improved globally in the whole interface

New Clarive started event and plugin hooks

There is a new event available in Clarive when the server is started. Its name event.clarive.started.

Now event hooks are also available in plugin development being posible to execute code of the plugin in Clarive startup:

reg.beforeEvent("event.clarive.started", function() {

    console.log("Starting My New Plugin initialization");


    console.log("Finished My New Plugin initialization");

More improvements and issues resolved

  • [FIX] Error editing History of rule
  • [FIX] Edit user window scrolled
  • [FIX] Edit button in rules is opening Create new rule
  • [FIX] Write remote file operation, file body textbox has no scroll
  • [FIX] Projects browser search error
  • [FIX] Resume job not available in Job Actions
  • [FIX] Rollback is always needed after Write Remote File
  • [FIX] Serialize any response in web JSapi module
  • [FIX] Variable names truncated in VarEditors
  • [FIX] Fix topic delete permissions checks
  • [FIX] inject_security_filter overrides where '$or' operator

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