Send a notification

Service to send notifications. Form to configure has the following fields:

  • TO - Users to send the notification. You can add users, roles or emails.
  • CC - Users to send the notification in copy. Like in TO field you have three options to fill it. Optional field.
  • Subject - Subject of the message. Can be a variable value using ${variable}
  • Body - Message body. Users can use variables values using ${variable}
  • Attachment path - Attach a file or a directory. Must be added the path of the file or a directory path which is being attached. The maximum size is the value of max_attach_size configured in Settings. If you attach a directory, all files will be contained in a zip file. Can be a variable value using ${variable}.

Some useful examples




Note: If the file exceeds the maximum size, the notification will be sent without attached files.

  • Output filename - Rename attachment. If this field is empty, the name of the attachment will be the name by default.