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Clarive 7.0.10 Release Notes

Release date: 5 December 2017

We're pleased to present our new release Clarive 7.0.10. This release contains a variety of minor fixes and improvements from 7.0.9. Also we include two awesome new features.


  • Kanban custom swimlanes
  • User Interface enhancements

Kanban custom swimlanes

Clarive DevOps Kanban is one of the most useful that we ever work with. Even so, we continue working on it to provide new features that facilitate its use. In this release we include a substantial improvement to show the information, you can create and customize your own swimlanes.


Custom swimlanes can be defined only by the Kanban owner. Contact him if other one is useful in your workday

You can select the fields that you want to use as swimlane and even select the values that can be use as lane in the Kanban board.

A new type of swimlane that we introduce in 7.0.10 Clarive release is parent topic release.

Thus, you can take a look what features are include in each release only in one Kanban board. Of course, you can filter according your preferences in swimlane mode.

In all swimlanes you can move topics from one lane to another if it's allow. This will update topic relation automatically.


Kanban view with parent topic swimlane can allow you move topics from one Sprint/Release to another one easily.

User Interface enhancements

We know how important the user experience is, that's why during this week focus on improve Clarive interface. We've done small changes like increase menu paddings, some buttons redesign. But our greatest effor in UI has gone to two screens: Monitor and Topic grid

Monitor is the screen where you can find together the relations between code, topics and deployments to environments.

With lane menu we simplify the way that you can perform with each job and get the information related too.

Job statuses are colorful in order to distinguish what is the current status or your deployment. All our job filters are still available in the toolbar


Click on job or go to (Deploy) to have a look to job dashboard. See full job log clicking on (Log) .

In Topic Grid we reduce our toolbar, moving under more options menu (vertical ellipses) grid actions non-related with display mode.

As in monitor we want you to be able to related deployments and topics, so we include new column that help you to know what is the current status

Each ball talks you about something different. "MR" is Merge Request, "CI/CD" means Continuous Integration/Deployment, and "NB" refers to Nightly Build

Improvements and issues resolved

  • [ENH] - Cleanup and delete expired sessions in purge
  • [ENH] - Get free license website opened in new tab
  • [ENH] - Round user avatar
  • [ENH] - New server log colors
  • [ENH] - Publish internal plugins
  • [ENH] - Remove repository revisions in repository deletion.
  • [FIX] - Small profile changes
  • [FIX] - Rulebook sed operation tests
  • [FIX] - Allow all REPL languages unless role action limit it

What else?

We want to share with all of you our documentation source code. You can collaborate, include your own documents or documentation improvements according your Clarive expertise. Any pull request is very welcome in our github site. You can access directly to edit the documentation from documentation page.

Ready to upgrade?

Just follow the standard procedure for installing the new version. Click here to get it from our Install page.


Join us in our Community to make suggestions and report bugs.

Thanks to everyone who participated there.