cla poll - Monitoring

cla poll: Monitoring tool. Without any option checks:

  • Processes from pid and lock files are running.
  • Connection to Clarive Web Server.
  • Connection to nginx.
  • Connection to mongo.

Command options are the following:

-h - Displays command help to the screen.

> cla poll -h

 poll - check if processes are started

Clarive Poll Monitoring
  Usage: cla poll


      -h              this help
     --url_web        clarive web url
     --url_nginx      nginx web url
     --api_key        api key to login to clarive
     --web            1=try clarive web connection, 0=skip
     --act_nginx      1=try nginx connection, 0=skip nginx
     --act_mongo      1=try mongo connection, 0=skip mongo
     --timeout_web    seconds to wait for clarive/nginx web response, 0=no timeout
     --error_rc       return code for fatal errors
     --pid_filter     regular expression to filter in pid files

--error_rc: It defines a custom level for fatal errors. It has to be a number and its defaut value is 10.

--web: If set, try connection to Clarive Web Server, by default its value is set to 1.

--url_web: Host and port where Web Server is running. If no value is defined, this option can also be defined through the options:

--host <host Web Server> - Host will be set to value ‘localhost’.

-- port <port where Clarive is listening> - Port will be set to value ‘3000’.

--api_key: Api key to login to clarive.

--timeout_web: Seconds to wait for web response. By default its value is 5 seconds, if this parameter is set to 0, it will be no timeout.

--act_nginx: If set as well as url_nginx parameter, try connection to Nginx, by default its value is set to 1.

--url_nginx: nginx web url.

--act_mongo: If set, try mongo connection to the database defined in the configuration file or database ‘clarive’ if it is not defined. Its default value is 1.