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The Scheduler is an administrator facility for scheduling the execution rules at set intervals.

It allows to you to plan, enable, disable or run independent rules in the background, at given frequencies or times.

The Scheduler contains the following information:

  • Name - Name of the task along with the log output.

  • Status - Current status of the task.

  • Next time - The time scheduled for the next run.

  • Last time - Date and time of the last execution of the task.

  • PID - PID of the last process.

  • Description - Description of the task.

  • Frequency - Follow the format (1H - 1 hour, 1D - one day etc.).

  • Day - Indicates when the task runs only on daily days (indicated by a 1) or every day (indicated by a 0).

  • What - The name of the rule and the ID to be executed.

Scheduling Tasks

To schedule a new task, select the New button.

The following fields are required:

  • Name - Name of the task.

  • Rule - drop-down combo with the independent rules created in Clarive.

  • Date - Selecting this button will display a calendar field to select the desired execution date.

  • Time - Default current. Shows the system time and the arrows can increase or decrease the minutes.

  • Frequency - Format (1H - 1 hour, 1D - one day etc.).

  • Only weekdays - Checkbox to select if you want to run only on weekdays.

Running Tasks On Demand

Run now

If you press the Run Now button, the service execution will run immediately, regardless of the date of planning. This option is available irrespective of the task's status.