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Topics timeline

Shows a timeline with the number of topics.

There are a list of elements can be configured in the dashlet:

Height in canvas rows

Defines the height in number of rows given to the dashlet.

The height value will be between 1 and 4 where 4 will occupy 100% of the page.

Width in canvas columns

Sets the width that the item will occupy in the dashboard.

The maximum allowed value is 12 (100% width).


Allows to make the dashlet more dinamic adding an automatic refresh (in minutes).

Select topics in categories

Select one o more categories to show in the chart.

Select topics in statuses

Select one o more status to configure the table.

Exclude selected statuses?

Show only the statuses not selected in the combo above.

Shift in days from today to start/end timeline

Set number of days from/to today to start/end timeline.

Advanced JSON/MongoDB condition for filter

Allows to use a JSON format o MongoDB query to add a condition.


Where id is the unique key of the category which can be consulted through the REPL.

Date field in topics to use as X axis

Select the date field to use in X axis the graphic timeline.

Chart will be shown as...

Indicate what type of chart will be shown.

  • Area
  • Area step
  • Line
  • Bar
  • Scatter

Data grouped by

Select the criteria for grouping data.