cla prove - Run internal testing

cla prove: runs system tests and checks their results.

This command executes all test files located in the core test directory and displays the results on screen.

Each test case starts with:

[start] <test case name>

and ends with:

[end] <test case name> [<duration_of_the_test>]

In case of error, the output shows the error message in red.

This command accepts the following options:

  • <directory_or_path> - Passed as an argument to the command, executes only the core tests defined under …/t/.
  • --features - Executes tests for all features.
  • --plugins - Executes tests for all plugins.
  • --feature <feature_name> - Executes tests for the feature .
  • --plugin <plugin_name> - Executes tests for the plugin .
  • --all - Executes all features, plugins and core tests.