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Topic Grid

The Topic Grid is the list of Topics that the User can see. Its concept is based on an email inbox.

The Topic Grid can be viewed within Clarive in three modes:

  • Open - Show only topics with statuses that are not "Final".

  • Closed - Show topics with statuses that are set as "Final".

  • All - Show all topics in the grid.

Topic status can be made "Final" by an administrator in the Statuses admin panel.


The Topic Grid can be also filtered by using the Clarive Search Syntax.


By default the Topic Grid sorts by most recently modification date.

To change the sort direction, click on the icon and click on one of the options. Each click will reverse the sort direction (ascending/descending).


To filter which Topics are shown in grid, use Filter icon.


There are six quickfilters to make you easier filter topic grid.

Also if you click on a status, the topic grid will show you only the topics with that given status. Same behaviour for labels, if you click on a label, the topic grid will filter only topics that have same label assigned.

Advanced filters

Here you can customize your topic grid in an advance way. You can add as many conditions as you want using Add button.

Customize columns

You can customize your topic grid view adding or removing columns. To do it, just click on + icon in last column header and check or uncheck columns.

Change status

You can change topic status from topic grid hovering your mouse on the current topic status. This will show you the list of available statuses that the topic can change to.

Of course, you can change the status for multiple topics by just using the select tool. Check the topics you wish to change and use the change topic icons above of the table to change multiple topics.

Open Kanban

Select topics and click on the Open Kanban button on the Action bar shows the Topics Grid in Kanban view

More? You can use our topic grid tour clicking on i icon in the breadcrumb to know more about topic grid.