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Clarive 7.4.4 Release Notes

Release date: 16 July 2019

We're pleased to present our new release Clarive 7.4.4 with some features and some fixes to the previous version:

Improve Slack repository change message

The new format of the "Repository Changed" message in slack is much more clear and interactive:

Default value in title fieldlet

Now you can configure a default value for your topics title in the fieldlet configuration:

Additional Issues and Enhancements implemented

  • [ENH] #592 Cypress tests for admin status page
  • [ENH] #617 Upgrade React to 16.8.6
  • [FIX] #509 Saving rule popup stays on top
  • [FIX] #518 Clarive docs search box does not show any matched results
  • [FIX] #544 Create button not working on Quality Analysis
  • [FIX] #547 Attaching docs by clicking on attaching area does not show any files to be attached.
  • [FIX] #550 Attaching a modified document to a topic does not show the version as it used to do.
  • [FIX] #571 All CI roles show all ClariveSE classes in CI navigator (resources)
  • [FIX] #575 No scroll in destination statuses in workflow editor of categories
  • [FIX] #579 New project notification can't be saved
  • [FIX] #585 Make sure version in assets are correct
  • [FIX] #587 Stash detach does not support html tags
  • [FIX] #588 Secure job stash and other job pages
  • [FIX] #591 Cannot edit a usergroup
  • [FIX] #594 Change username of duplicated users
  • [FIX] #595 Job events should not include job_stash in the event stash
  • [FIX] #597 errorManagementBox component does not pass this scope
  • [FIX] #599 Topic status not refreshed with "Update changesets" operation (pubsub)
  • [FIX] #600 A user with administer rule action can create new rules
  • [FIX] #602 Roles editor chrome performance bug
  • [FIX] #616 User job deployment date

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