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Reports are user-defined queries of topics, or system-defined code or rule reports, either created with the rule designer or installed with plugins/features.

Reports are a global part of the project area interface and cannot be segregated by projects. That usually not a problem, as the data queries only pulls data from the server that a user is allowed to see.

Topic Query Reports (Personal/Public/Everyone)

When created, topic query reports are personal and can only be seen by the user that has created.

To create topic query report head over to the Topic > Reports interface and hit the Create Report button.

Follow the instructions under how-to create reports for building the query.

Report Visibility

Users normally can only see their personal reports, under Personal and the topic query reports shared, visible under the Public tab.

To share a report, edit the report and under the General tab, select the report as Public and share it with one or more users, or specific roles.

Regardless of a report being private or public, an admin user (Root) can see all reports created by all users regardless of if they are private or shared under the Everyone tab.

Rule Reports

Rule reports allow for more involved report data to be generated.

To create a rule report, head over Admin > Rule Designer and create a Report-type rule.

In the create window, fill-out the report name and type.

  • Name - Assign a name to the report. This field is required.
  • Type - Define the type of rule. In this case, we have to select report.
  • Compile Mode

To create the report, click Done button.

By default, we will have three items in the rule:

  • Security - We define the users that can see the report.
  • Meta - Here, we can define the fields we want to see.
  • Data - We treat the data.

Now head over to report rules to read about the details on how to design your report rule.


Report rule security has to be embedded as part of the code of the report rule, either by checking the usernames or user permissions of each user making use of the rule report.


Report rules do not have the data visibility restrictions that the normal topic query reports have. If topics are listed by the rule, the user viewing the report will be able to see all rows sent out by the rule regardless of topic permissions. Make sure to take that into consideration while building your report.

Internal reports

Internal system reports are programs, typically under $CLARIVE_BASE/plugins/* directories, that generate reports.

We don't recommend that users and administrator to use this method to define reports as this is mostly for plugin writers to use and rule reports described above can do pretty much the same as plugin reports.

Head over to the report plugin documentation for information on how to write report plugins in JavaScript.