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cla migra - Migrations

cla migra: Runs database migrations, which are needed to level the database version with the current version of Clarive after upgrading or installing patches, features and plugins.

Common flags

--dry-run do not actually do anything, just print what's going to be done
--init make sure migrations are initialized
--yes answer yes to all questions
--quiet be quiet
--force do not perform safety checks

--core run only core migrations
--features run only features migrations
--feature run only specific feature migrations
--plugins run only plugins migrations
--plugin run only specific plugin migrations


migra-state (default)

Prints the current state of the database.


Initializes the migrations.


Resets the migrations.


Upgrade/Downgrade the migrations. Options are:

--path path to migrations instead of default


Downgrade to the specific version. Options are:

--version the version to downgrade to
--path path to migrations instead of default


Manually set the latest migrations version.

--version the version to be set


Removes the error from last migration. Use ONLY when the issue is really fixed.


Upgrade/Downgrade manually by passing the migration version and method (upgrade by default). Options are:

--version version of the migration
--downgrade run downgrade instead of upgrade