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Clarive 7.8 Release Notes

Release date: 28 September 2021

We're pleased to present our new minor release of Clarive with some important bugfixes and features:

Improvements and issues resolved

  • [ENH] #1778 Non project security fields should show proper icon in kanban cards
  • [ENH] #1781 Theme change for 7.8
  • [ENH] #1789 "Empty board" option in Kanban board creation
  • [ENH] #1791 Category filter lost when clicking Open in category grid
  • [ENH] #1794 Add method and protocol to the ws rules stash
  • [ENH] #1803 Filtered fields and statuses by selected categories
  • [ENH] #1804 "Not in statuses" filter option in Kanban boards
  • [ENH] #1806 Sort by custom columns in topic grid
  • [ENH] #1809 New option group by environment on job charts
  • [FIX] #1775 Click on pager in event viewer clears the button filter selected
  • [FIX] #1790 Gap between main header and swimlane header in Kanban boards
  • [FIX] #1805 Cannot add topic CI fields in Kanban cards
  • [FIX] #1807 Increase width of "jobs by status" donut chart in dashboards
  • [FIX] #1808 Remove file operation is not working

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