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Extending the JS system with modules

To extend the JS code we recommend using 2 strategies:


Clarive follows CommonJS specification for loading modules, you can divide your javascript building blocks accross multiple files, export needed functions and then require them where needed.

For example:

/* foo.js */
var Foo = function () {};
Foo.prototype.log = function () {

exports.Foo = new Foo();

/* foo/bar.js */
module.exports = function(){

/* index.js */
var foo = require('./foo');
var bar = require('./foo/bar.js');

foo.log(); // Foo!
bar();     // fooBar!

User included modules is recommended to be stored in the filesystem, under CLARIVE_BASE/plugins/[plugin-name]/modules folder.

To create the modules folder, we recommend creating a plugin first in your CLARIVE_BASE location

// create the file plugins/myplugin/modules/myutil.js:
exports.doThis = function(num) {
    print("This is it: " + num);

// now use it in your code
var myutils = require("myutil");


Write an independent rule with common logic needed by other rules. Then invoke that rule as part of your code.

Write a rule with a JS CODE operation with the following content:

var something = cla.stash("something");
cla.stash("myresults", something * 1000 );

var stash = { something: 123 };'my_rule_runner', stash);
print( "results=" + stash.myresults );  // you get 123000

Read more about cla.rule here