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Project Pipeline

The project pipeline dashlet shows how releases and changesets are distributed in the different environments.


Allows to make the dashlet more dinamic adding an automatic refresh (in minutes).


  • Release - group dashlet content by releases
  • Changeset - group dashlet content by changesets
  • Revision - group dashlet content by revision


Select which environment columns to show (or hide).

Select topics in categories

Select the topic categories to include. Allow categories are changeset-type ones.

Exclude selected categories

Negate the selected categories so they are hidden.

Revision field

Specify the ID of the revision fieldlet that belongs to the selected categories (this ID must be the same for all of them). It will be needed to visualize data in Revisions mode.

Advanced JSON/MongoDB condition for filter

This is a space for an additional MongoDB filter to be added, which will be applied to the topic.

Label Mask

This is the text shown in each of the releases or changesets listed.

The variables available are:

  • ${}
  • ${category.acronym}
  • ${category.color}
  • ${topic.mid}
  • ${topic.title}
  • ${topic.[field name here]}