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Clarive Release Notes

Release date: 4 May 2023

We're pleased to present our new patch release of Clarive with some important fixes and new features:

Improvements and issues resolved

DOCS: - [ENH] #2435 Split date/time columns in job monitor - [FIX] #2433 Open topic grid with ALL children topics - [FIX] #2449 Detach button in job logs is not working - [FIX] #2457 Slack event error on restart job - [FIX] #2478 Colors in separators - [FIX] #2479 Drill down is not working in topics timeline charts - [FIX] #2502 Public reports switch owner when saved by a different user - [FIX] #2503 General tab is blank when back from report results grid - [FIX] #2504 CI variables should show only items that match environment - [FIX] #2505 Users with read-only permissions on git repos can push commits

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